What About That Playlist???

Playlists can be difficult to create. Who’s going to dance to which song? Did we pick out enough music? Are Grandma and Grandpa going to have a heart attack if we play the newest Katy Perry song? Our DJ Manager, Shawn, checks in with what makes a killer soundtrack to your night.

All of us love music…right? I know I do. The quality of a good playlist is always an added bonus when it comes to us as DJs. We can go out there and fill music up pending on a few song choices. But to be be perfectly honest, this is YOUR night. The music is really in your court. I tell all of my couples who come in for meetings “You know your family and friends better than I do.” This statement is very true. I have some simple advice when it comes to filling out your playlist.

1: Think about your guests

Your guests make the party. Therefore, the music you pick should honestly be aimed towards your guests. Most of the time, you’re gonna have every age from grandparents to little kids so you’re gonna have a big variety of music. You want to choose music that everybody can dance to and enjoy the night. A good tip in finding out your guests’ music tastes is put in a song request line on your RSVP. Or, pick songs that tell a story of a time in your life. It may be a song you and your friends sang along to for a semester in college. It may be the the song you had your first kiss with your significant other during. Heck, it may be your fraternity theme song! It definitely belongs on your playlist.  

2: The DJ Knows!!!

Being a DJ, I can say that there are some times when we have to go with our gut. Reading the crowd is one of the things that we take great pride on. Give your DJ a little breathing room to work with. Don’t get me wrong, if you ask us to stick to your playlist, we will. But there will be times that we will find that actual perfect request that fits with what you have. Our goal is always the same: let’s fill that dance floor and make everyone celebrates till the end of the night.

I do hope these tips help out! Remember that music is the story of life. We are here to tell the story. If you have any questions at all, feel free to ask. We are here to help in any way!

Till next time…