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Millennium Productions is home to the top weddings and events in metro STL featuring the best St. Louis DJs

Millennium Productions has been setting the bar for best St. Louis DJ services for over 20 years.  We are a full service DJ company and conduct ourselves in the most professional, competent and flexible manner. Our full service platform includes planning assistance, vendor coordination and professional hosting experience, combined with a passion for music.

With premium audio speakers for perfect clarity, the newest lights to illuminate the dance floor and playing music catered specifically to you and your guests, we make sure your event is a success from start to finish!

DJ Packages

Our DJ services cover weddings, corporate events, private parties and more. Click on our packages below for details and contact us for additional information and to set up a meeting!


  • Classic DJ, one of the best in St. Louis – Expert in all areas of planning, hosting and DJ’ing
  • Four hours of coverage – Additional time can be added on
  • Comprehensive Online Planning Forms – Use the helpful online planning forms to help customize your celebration and note unique details and music tastes
  • Advanced LED Lighting – The lighting is computer controlled to create the perfect lively and energetic atmosphere on the dance floor
  • Premium Audio Equipment with Wireless Microphones – For guaranteed clarity and volume both for dancing, speeches, and announcements


  • Spotlight DJ, one of the best in St. Louis – a veteran Millennium DJ and expert in all areas of planning, hosting and DJ’ing
  • Four hours of coverage  – Additional time can be added on
  • Comprehensive Online Planning Forms – Use the helpful online planning forms to help customize your celebration and note unique details and music tastes
  • Upgraded LED Lighting – The lighting is computer controlled to create the perfect lively and energetic atmosphere on the dance floor
  • Premium Audio Equipment with Wireless Microphones – For guaranteed clarity and volume both for dancing, speeches, and announcements

IN ADDITION TO online planning forms, planning assistance, premium audio equipment and wireless microphones

  • Pick Your DJ – You can select exactly which Millennium DJ you would like for your wedding reception (based on availability)
  • Five Hours of Service – Our Millennium package includes 5 hours of DJ service
  • Upgraded Sound System – We add on an 18″ subwoofer for the perfect balance of sound during your event
  • Upgraded Dance Floor Lights – We add on the newest LED dance floor lights to light up your dance floor with amazing displays of color and create the perfect mood for both dinner and dancing

DJ Combo Packages

Our DJ packages can be easily combined with other popular services. Click on our combo packages below for details and contact us for additional information and other combo ideas!


  • Uplights to give a unique and intimate feel  – Make your venue POP with washes of color around the room! Our uplights will create elegance and add energy to your event
  • Pick your uplight colors – Our LED uplights can be customized to match the color you want
  • DMX lighting – Ask us about our DMX lighting option for an amazing dynamic display of lights matched to the beat of the music!


  • Ceremony music and planning assistance – Your host/DJ will assist you with all the details
  • Total of 60 minutes – 30 minutes for prelude and 30 minutes for ceremony                                    
  • Wireless handheld mic with mic stand


  • Best of the best – A St. Louis DJ and a live band performing side by side!
  • Planning assistance – Our online planning forms and your DJ will help put the details together for your wedding reception
  • Non-stop music – Your DJ can play the songs that the band is unable to play. When dancing begins, the band and the DJ will trade sets, playing off of each other to ensure dancing never stops.
  • Professional emcee – Your DJ will also be the emcee, handling all announcements throughout the evening

Meet Our DJs

Shawn T

“Being a part of someone’s most special day is an honor, and not taken lightly. I love being the “go-to” guy in any situation, while finding a connection with the guests, to turn the smallest and biggest dance floors into ‘the’ party zone! Whether the event is small and intimate, or large and extravagant, I go into it with the same attitude …”Give my all.” I hope I can bring something unique to every event, and make it the celebration that friends and family will talk about for years to come!”

Brian L

“Being a part of someone’s wedding day is both a privilege and an honor. It’s the day many people dream about since they are young and there is no feeling like the feeling I get when I get to be a part of that day. I take great pride in being able to have such an important role in people’s lives and I give everything 110% effort to ensure everyone has a memorable night that they will never forget.”

Will C

My favorite thing while hosting events is ensuring everyone is having fun throughout the celebration. With my passion for DJing it is my goal to solidify the celebration with lasting memories through music. It is a privilege to be included in your special day, and I will put in every effort to make sure everything goes smoothly!

Miles K

“I’ve always had a love for music, and I like to share that love with people.  Being an active part of the music industry over the course of my life, I pull from those experiences to help make each and every event special from the planning stage all the way through to the entertainment stage.  There’s no more magical day than your wedding and helping to make your day incredible is the best feeling in the world.”

Patrick D

“Knowing that you have invited Millennium and myself into one of the most important nights of your life is an honor and privilege. I will treat your special event as if it were my own!”

Jay M

“While hosting a wedding, I love the idea of turning a few hours of celebrating into a lifetime of memories and laughter. As a Millennium host, I meet with every client before the event to plan the day from beginning to end. Because of my strong attention to detail and passion for mixing music, I promise each event and every day will be a day that everyone remembers!”

Matt F

“Watching the bride and groom enjoy their most-important night completely stress-free is my pleasure and honor to facilitate. My ongoing goal is to create an atmosphere where lifelong memories are created without getting in the way. Careful attention to the wedding party’s needs and the crowd’s vibe goes a long way in achieving that goal.”

Mario M

“I absolutely love music!  I knew this at the tender age of 5 years old when I’d sneak into my Mother’s record collection and listen to everything I could get my hands on until she came home.  Now I’ve turned my passion into a career and am decked out with all the music you can imagine.  Your special day is all about you and I want to help make it a perfect reflection of your style and personality.  I’m excited and thrilled by this opportunity and love bringing it all together to create an amazing musical atmosphere for you, your family and friends to dance, jump and spin all night long.  It’s an honor to host and mix music and nothing makes me feel better than seeing the smiles and laughter from the bride and groom as they celebrate on the dance floor.”

Tony V

“I’ve loved music my whole life. So many different types have influenced me and brought energy, motivation and happiness. It’s incredible to be able to share this with those celebrating their special day. I take great pride in making sure your day is well planned, coordinated and bring it together with a magical night of music and memories.”

Alex O

“When I’m at an event it’s my goal to make sure I’ve surpassed all the expectations of the customer, as well as the crowd. Timing, organization, song selection, and enthusiasm are all key aspects in facilitating that goal. Spinning vinyl is still a passion for me there is nothing like it and it will never be replaced…”

Ryan H

“Taking part in helping to plan a reception or event into a wonderful and memorable occasion on the dance floor is what I really enjoy about being a DJ and host. As a DJ, I love music and making sure your special day is set to the perfect music is my goal. Beginning with our planning meeting, I always make sure to assist as much as possible to make sure your event runs super smooth from start to finish!”

Cameron M

”The two things I’m most passionate about are people and music. Being able to utilize both of those passions to create an unforgettable experience for people is both an honor and a privilege. For me, creating an atmosphere where people feel like they can be themselves and let loose while simultaneously making sure the evening is running smoothly is what I strive for in every show. I take great pride in ensuring your evening will be the best night of your life!”

Benji M

”As a member of Millennium Productions, I am dedicated and driven to making your event great.  For me, planning and coordination is key and building momentum and excitement through the reception is awesome.  Being allowed to use my love of music to connect with new people, have amazing experiences, and make memories, is one of the best opportunities I’ve been given.  There’s no doubt that I’ll do all I can to create a night you’ll never forget.“

Harry H

“Hi there, I’m DJ Harry and I can’t wait to team up with you and your vendors to help pull off the reception party of a lifetime! Music will be a big part of that and it’s always been a big part of my entire life. I love music of all genres and look forward to hearing what songs will have you (and your family and friends) out on the dance floor. Planning is also a huge part of the event and my attention to detail and professionalism ensures your celebration goes off without a hitch.”

Tony P

”It’s an honor and privilege to DJ and emcee on behalf of the most important day of two very special peoples’ lives.  For me, building a relationship with the couple is fun and key to making an event go as smoothly and as memorable as possible.  Then helping to bring together a magical night with the best dance floor is an incredible feeling.  Music has the ability to create energy and vibe for a party, and I love being able to match the exact mood for your celebration.”

Evan F

“Hi, I’m DJ Evan and lover of all things music! My background as a sound engineer and classically trained musician helps me to be knowledgeable in keeping the audio crisp and the vibe right! It’s an honor to be able to use my passion for music to enhance such meaningful moments and I would be honored to emcee and DJ your event.”

Thomas D

”I have long loved hosting events and sharing my love of music with those that I meet. Nothing brings me greater pleasure or joy than watching an event run smoothly and seeing everyone’s faces light up when the music starts. From our first meeting, to the last dance, I will do absolutely anything to make sure your event day is perfectly tailored to your desires!”

For extra party and dancefloor effects we offer:


Enhance and expand the already high-end sound with additional speakers. Additional speakers are very useful at venues with multiple rooms or venues with extra long distance for sound to travel. Place extra speakers as needed to cover cocktail areas, outdoor patios, other floors, etc. and ensure that all the guests will hear important announcement and their favorite songs!


A great way to display fun and informative information at your celebration. HD video projections can display pre-made video clips, toasts, prayers, slideshows with music, etc. can be played at specific times or on a loop with or without audio


Add karaoke to your party and get everyone involved in the fun! In addition to the karaoke songs, we include a video monitor on a stand for reading the lyrics, songlist book and microphones


Project your names, wedding date, special message, logo, artwork or anything else onto a wall, dancefloor or ceiling

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