Know your DJ Gear

I know, I know… most of you out there read the title and are thinking, “I don’t know jack about professional DJ gear. Please don’t bore me with ‘1.21 jiggywatts’ this‘ or ‘2.4 jiggerhertz that’, I just want it to work!”
At Millennium, we couldn’t agree more. We want every event to look and sound great, and for everything to perform flawlessly. But there is more to gear than just specs – having the best equipment makes it easier for our DJ’s to focus on you and your unique event, without them having to worry about technical things.

Much of our gear talk (stay with me!) has to do with appearance at your event. Anyone can have top-of-the-line audio, video, and lighting gear like us, but how it fits into your vision for your big celebration is just as important. We want everything about our appearance to be classy and formal, while not becoming an eyesore or a distraction from the important things – you and your guests! Check out our typical DJ setup. No piles of cables visible, no visible stands, no MP signs or banners – just a nice clean classy setup. Premium sound and LED dance-floor lighting are included in every Millennium DJ package.

  • Best. Gear. EVER! – We are constantly keeping an eye on the latest gear, and when we see something better than what we have, and something that will help us serve clients better, we upgrade. Always having newer gear means you’ll always have the best, and it minimizes the chance of something failing at your event. That being said…
  • Backups! – We use the latest DJ software to ensure fantastic mixes and non-stop music for your event, but you know computers do at times get wibbley-wobbley’ (If you don’t have a computer, tablet, or smart phone, and are reading this on someone else’s computer/tablet/smartphone, trust me – computers get ‘wibbley-wobbley’ occasionally!) We check our gear every week to make sure it’s good, but we still bring 2 laptops to every event, just in case. Both are up, running, and fully loaded with your music, so there is never a pause in your fun. We also have backup wireless mics at each event, and plenty of extra cables and wires. Plus we always have more backup gear at our office and someone to run it out if necessary.
  • Flexibility! – Got a tricky room layout? Got multiple floors/rooms/areas at your event that you want to cover with your music? Got a tiny space but you still want the maximum impact? We can achieve almost anything you can imagine. We have wireless audio and wireless lighting. Shoot, we can even get all of that on one stand if we need to
  • Expandability! – For larger events, we have the ability to add to our standard setup to accommodate large rooms and crowds. However big your event is, we have the sound and lights to cover it.
  • Options! – We have options. Many, many options! Wireless Lapel mics for ceremonies? Check. Flatscreens and projectors for all manner of video projection? Check. Heck-fire, we even have karaoke if you’d like that at your event!

Bottom line, if you can dream it, we can make it happen!