PIN-SPIRATION – St. Louis Design Creations

In this day and age, everyone wants their wedding to be unique. And, why shouldn’t they? Every wedding is going to be different. But, trying to find that special something when planning, that inspiration, can be difficult. Bridal magazines can be helpful, but can add up quickly. Asking friends and family could work, but what if you’re the first one in your circle to get married? What’s a person to do?

Enter Pinterest.

Just by quickly googling “Pinterest wedding,” we found mason jars, chalkboard signs, s’mores bars, DIY everything, and so much more. You can narrow your search down even further if you are looking for something specific, like entrance signs or wedding dresses. But, you do have to be careful. Pinterest can become a black hole of everything you ever dreamed of. There’s a saying that a bride (or groom) plans two weddings: their Pinterest wedding, and then their actual wedding. Everyone wants to dream big, but you do need to stay realistic in your planning. However, never fear! There are plenty of Pinterest ideas that can come to life, and the Millennium Productions Design Team is here to help make it happen.

The Millennium Design Team started off 2017 with a bang. One of our first events this year had a bit of Pin-spiration behind it. Tiffany and Amanda at Events Luxe wanted something a little different for the escort card table and came to us with this photo:

Basically, we needed to create a structure that we would tie ribbons to, which then would have the escort cards attached to the end. A lovely idea that would double as both the escort card table, as well as a beautiful entryway piece to the reception. We were supplied the ribbon, and got to work!

Planning and designing is an important first step in things like this. Aaron got out his trusty sketchbook and figured out some ideas. His original idea involved a wooden frame and chicken wire. 

However, we were left with the thought of sway once we hung the structure, and how to transport something that large. So, we instead decided to use the pipe we have for our drapery. We knew that it would be able to take being pulled at, as well as fit into our vehicles for safe transportation to the venue.

The clients decided they wanted the inverted point look from the Pinterest photo, but with not knowing at that time how tall the structure needed to be, we decided to cut all the ribbon the same length, then cut the point into it once we were at the Caramel Room. Julie and Kathleen measured out the dimensions, grabbed some scissors, and cut ribbon for about three hours. By the time we were finished, we had taken a paper bag full of spools, and turned it into a laundry basket full of ribbon.

Next, we attached the ribbon to the structure. We set up the pipe in our workspace and tied and tied and tied

After everything was attached, we needed to let the ribbon settle. We hoisted the crossbars up, and left them overnight to hang.


To transport them, we carefully tied the ribbons into sections, then rolled them onto the bar to put them in our van. Off we went!

Once we got to the Caramel Room, we set up the pipe, let everything loose, and then cut the inverted triangle shape into the ribbon. Events Luxe would come by later that day to attach all the escort cards.

As you can see, the final product didn’t turn out identical to the Pin-spiration. But, keep in mind that Pinterest is a tool for inspiration, not to copycat. You want your day to reflect you, not someone else! So, keep pinning away, but remember to step outside of your dream wedding to share that secret wedding board with someone else every once in awhile. Because their thoughts might be the source of your next inspiration.