LightUp Tables – Glow Baby Glow

One of the best things about the wedding and event planning industry is that people are always coming up with new and exciting ideas. Whether it be incorporating the newest Pantene shade into the color scheme or hanging some untraditional drape in the ceiling, there are always new and exciting ideas. Here at Millennium Productions, we love one of our coolest decor features: glow tables.

These modern and exciting tables can really kick your event up a notch! The best part is that they are incredibly flexible and can be used in a wide variety of ways. For example, take this photo:

These very modern tables can look great virtually anywhere, but we especially love mixing it up and putting them somewhere new. At this event we did with Festive Couture and Kate & Co, the modern and sleek tables have a wonderful juxtaposition with the old world classic feeling of the Missouri Athletic Club ballroom. If going that big and bold isn’t quite your thing, then you can always take the tables to a more modern venue!

The tables are also very flexible in how you use them. Use them as individual square tables to mix up the seating plan, or put them all together for a glamorous head table. The choice is yours!

We also have plenty of options to jazz the tables up even further. Gold sides instead of the glow lights, or even a mirrored top to really highlight your centerpiece.

Anyway you look at them the tables are absolutely stunning and work in a variety of different fashions! With our customizable uplights inside, they can give your event that stunning edge that you’ve been looking for.