Creating The Perfect Lighting Touch With GOBO’s

When it comes to decorating a wedding, there are so many options! Especially when you have a venue that is basically a blank slate. Some people might take that blank slate and decorate every inch. While that is a perfect viable option, sometimes simplicity is best. Take this event at the Boo Cat Club on March 24, 2017. Rachel and Stefan chose to go simple with their design, and it looked fantastic!

One of the major features in their design was a simple gobo of a full moon. For those who don’t know what a gobo is, think of it like a giant picture in light. Usually a steel plate, the gobo blocks out certain parts of the light to create the picture. Take the following pictures as an example:

While absolutely gorgeous, sometimes you want a pattern that is a little more intricate and not as “black and white” as a standard gobo. What do you do then? Use a glass gobo.

Glass gobos work the same way as a regular gobo. They are just made of glass, not steel. This allows the light to shine through in different amounts, usually in shades of grey, or sometimes even color! For Rachel and Stefan, they wanted the full moon projected onto a wall behind their head table. Since the moon has shades of grey, we knew that we needed to use a glass gobo. Check out how it looked!

So, if you are looking for something simple to jazz up a ceremony or reception, think of a gobo! Just don’t forget that there are many shades of grey in which gobos can be used.