St. Louis Slow Motion Video Booth

Always on the cutting edge in technology, Millennium offers an exciting slow motion video booth that adds fun and laughter to your celebration

A photobooth provides a fun addition to any event, but our slow motion video booth takes that to a whole new level! We provide real-time playback and fun props to liven up the party. Even guests that are a little shy for the camera will have a great time watching these dynamic videos on our large flatscreen TV’s.
After the event, we will put together a customized highlight video, set to music, for you to share with friends and family. Additionally, we will provide you with digital photos from each slow motion booth clip that is taken.

Slow Motion Video Booth Package

Our super slow motion video booth service covers weddings, corporate events, private parties and is a hit for all ages. Props, silly string, confetti, boxing gloves and other unique elements are brought to ensure a fun time is had by all. After the event we will edit a highlight film that can be uploaded and shared with all your friends and family. Used for all occasions including weddings, mitzvahs, corporate functions and so much more, get ready to have fun!

The Slow Motion Video Booth package includes:

  • Featured Highlight Film – Edited highlight film 2-3 minutes, set to music
  • Digital Photos – digital photos of each recorded scene delivered on a USB drive
  • 3 hours of booth time – includes one camera operator and one guest coordinator
  • Flat TV Screen – after filming your clip, watch yourself on the flat screen in super slow motion
  • Scenic Props – a prop table with hats, masks, glasses and surprises!

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